What's at The Well?

The Well Coworking Space

Problem: Small business owners and teams are often far from local coworking opportunities, with many such spaces being limited to the heart of downtown.

Solution: The Well’s coworking space is geared toward taking local entrepreneurs to the next level. Elegant, modern, open workspace featuring state-of-the-art amenities and services. The efficiency of an office space, with the added value of networking opportunities with fellow entrepreneurs.

Prep School

Problem: More than 90% of Black owned businesses and startups are sole proprietorships and classified as non-employee firms lacking capacity to obtain large corporate or government contracts

Solution: Prep School is a high-level incubator program focused on certifications, business development, customer connections, and securing working capital

The Well Fellowship

Problem: Black-owned businesses are overrepresented in low-growth, low-revenue industries

Solution: An in-depth fellowship program to create and launch scalable, tech-enabled businesses and business models

Brunch & Build Series

Problem: Black entrepreneurs are over-mentored and under-networked. The lack of access to high-powered networks leaves Black small business owners and startup founders at a disadvantage

Solution: Community events where entrepreneurs connect with subject matter experts, potential customers, and peers to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of their networks