About Us

What is The Well?

well \’wel\

noun: an issue of water from the earth

adverb: in a thorough manner

adjective: in good health; sound in body and mind

noun: well-being; good fortune; success

The Well is a symbol of Community. In ancient times, the well was symbolically, and often literally, the center of the community. From the well, the community drew life-sustaining water, as basic in its function as it is encompassing in the needs it fulfills. Additionally, the community well’s function and location often encouraged neighbors to connect in the space, making the well a place of social and physical nourishment. In this regard, the well came to represent abundance and prosperity.

Founded in 2022 in the heart of Louisville’s West End, The Well provides local entrepreneurs and leaders with unmatched access to top technical tools and teams. At The Well, Louisville’s Black entrepreneurs launch new businesses and Black business owners adopt new models to reach the next major milestones along their journey. Whether you are looking to scale your business with an education program or sleek work spaces, to connect with fellow creatives or level up with office services, there is a spot for you at The Well.